seo tips for chiropractors

SEO Tips for Chiropractors

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of arranging your website content both on the front end and behind the scenes so that Google and other search engines are aware of what you do and may include you in their results. Because Google can’t sit down with you for tea to find out how wonderful you are, one of the best ways to express your areas of expertise to Google is through your SEO settings.

Why is SEO important for chiropractors?

Chiropractors, like most wellness practitioners, rely on referrals from existing clients to expand their practices. While a certain amount of new clients will always walk in the door asking for chiropractic therapy, a healthy chiropractic clinic relies on a variety of new business sources.

What if… every day, you received fresh chiropractic appointments from people who found you online?

What if these clients discovered you by searching not only for “chiropractor near me,” but also for 10+ other phrases that people commonly use while searching for a chiropractor?

That, my friends, is the sweet spot. Your objective is to appear EVERYWHERE your ideal clients are looking for information.
And when I say “everywhere,” I mean it. They should ideally continue to see your link in search results for multiple phrases, making visiting your website an apparent choice!

I’d like you to see each page on your website as a portal via which visitors can enter and learn about your offerings. Each page of your website should be optimized for at least one primary keyword and two associated keywords. As a result, you’ll have several chances to show up.

If you have a website dedicated to your perinatal chiropractic services, for example, you should consider two or three keywords that are most strongly connected with perinatal chiropractic services. If you specialize in back pain or sports injury recovery, you should consider the terms that people who are experiencing these problems could use to try to find you online.

What keywords should you use as a chiropractor?

So, how do you choose which keywords to use if every page on your chiropractic website has the potential to be found online? This is when it becomes tricky.

A keyword is a word or phrase that someone might type into Google to find a service, product, or piece of information. When you utilize a keyword on your website, you’re telling Google about your company: who you are, what you do, and where you’re located.

Using keywords makes it easier for Google to answer these questions.

Warning: As practitioners, you can get caught up in your own jargon and neglect to consider how your potential clients would look for your services. It’s crucial to optimize your site using the words they’d use to describe you and your services, not the terminology you’d use. For example, you could be optimizing just for the Webster technique when they’re looking for breech baby chiropractic therapy!

Google is intelligent enough to recognize which terms are variations of one another. It’s therefore acceptable to include a few similar keywords on a single page to show the range of ways potential clients look for chiropractic services.

  • chiropractic adjustment
  • chiropractor near me
  • chiropractor
  • family chiropractic
  • gonstead chiropractic
  • walk in chiropractor
  • chiropractic massage
  • chiropractor cost
  • chiropractic care
  • sports chiropractor
  • pediatric chiropractor
  • prenatal chiropractor
  • baby chiropractor
  • chiropractic wellness center
  • complete chiropractic
  • chiropractor sciatica
  • baby chiropractor
  • chiropractic wellness center
  • wellness chiropractic
  • complete chiropractic

What about long-tail keywords for chiropractors?

It’s easy to overlook the enormous SEO potential of long-tail keywords for your chiropractic website. These are informational search terms, which are longer phrases that people type into Google to learn more about something they’re interested in. They’re important since there’s less competition for longer terms, making it simpler to show up for them – and they’re also wonderful motivation for new blog entries! Plus, you have the opportunity to provide them with the most useful answer possible!

What’s the best way to find long-tail keywords? Consider the most typical queries you receive from clients, such as common aches and pains and worries. These are usually four or more words, and they often constitute a sentence or a question, such as:

Is chiropractic treatment beneficial for sciatica?

Going to your Google search box and simply entering a question is one of the easiest ways to locate these longer-tail keywords. It genuinely gives you long-tail keyword recommendations by informing you of the most frequently asked questions. If you start typing “Is chiropractic,” for example, you’ll get the following results:

You’ll find even more suggestions by going to the bottom of a search results page and looking at the related searches:

and even more when the “people also ask” boxes pop up:

Thank you google!

Where should you use all these great keywords on your chiropractic clinic website?

That, my friends, is a much more in-depth discussion than I can cover here, but here are the highlights:


These are updates to your chiropractic website’s visible side — the content that the general public sees. Yes, even Google reads it! Keyword usage (approximately 1-2 percent, so up to 2x / 100 words), the content length (google prefers a minimum of 300 words), page headers and subheaders, page URLs, and both internal and external links are all examples. The speed of your site and its responsiveness on mobile devices are equally important.


Back-end SEO settings such as page title and meta description, alt tags on pictures, and your site title and description are the changes you’ll make behind the scenes. External actions like submitting a site map to Google Search Console and aggressively pursuing quality backlinks to your site are also included. Do you have any idea what some of these terms mean? Google it.

Good chiropractic SEO takes time…

Remember – there are no quick fixes for SEO. Good organic SEO will lead to great search results featuring your practice – but it takes time. Months and even years. Don’t despair! Every single small change you make to your chiropractic website will help – each new blog post, and every page whose SEO settings you fine-tune. Here at PC Designs, we offer chiropractor SEO services to help boost that client base and help you grow your business. If you have any other questions about SEO tips for chiropractors please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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